The shadow is an unconscious or semi-conscious psychological factor that manifests itself in the deepest layers of the psyche, even the soul, since it touches the borders of the ego itself. The false self, hindered by karma and psychological patterns, cannot or has a very difficult time controlling that part of our personality that has taken over the lower urges i.e. the lower nature of our being. The king becomes a tyrant and oppressor, the boss a manipulator, a parent a bully. The Alter Ego is often unaware that it has a shadow, although this is not always the case. C. G. Jung used the term "Shadow" taken from Hermetic and Gnostic terms. Knowing the world of the Qliphoth, Jung, J.S. Bach and Goethe were well aware of the terminology of the shadow, having "usurped" it in their work.

Until we become aware of our shadow, there is no question of accomplishing the Great Work. In Vedic practical philosophy this process is called “anartha nivriti” or purification of impurities in the heart.

A shadow must have a solution otherwise it becomes darkness.

Tarot shadow work is the perfect divination to reveal the most honest part of yourself that truly wants to find out where the darkness is and how to turn it into light, love, success and prosperity.

This analysis provides answers to how the shadow can be defeated by the light and how to bring our soul to the best path of spiritual growth.


The Process:

Please send your details and question to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will send you a confirmation back within 24 hours on your e-mail with Quotation, asking you brief description of the situation your are in, or some data if a certain reading requires it. As soon as we receive the payment, I begin my work and you will receive your answer/reading back within 5 working days at the latest.

What will you receive?

You will receive an audio record in English with a European accent :) and photo of the cards drawn. The record length will be approx 40 min.

NOTE: If You want to receive an audio record in Croatian, please point this out in the e-mail.